What People are Saying about Harrison Klein

Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!”

“WOW! I recently finished listening to the “Alignment Factor” audio recordings and “WOW”

I have tried and participated in many self-development and personal-growth programs and seminars. None of them, in fact all of them combined, fall short in the “Transformation” I experienced from your program. I could physically feel my “Vibration”, “Awareness”, and “Clarity” rise instantly. I found your program easy to understand, real, raw, and juicy.

I received an e-mail from the “Masters Gathering” saying if you are ready to change your life, raise your vibration, and all sorts of wonderful things then type “Harrison change my life!” and hit send.

Well I must admit I was awful skeptical and curious, but I was ready to change my life. I had been bouncing from one familiar pot hole to another and asking “What is going on”.

I took a chance and typed “Harrison change my life!” and hit send.

“I AM” so happy I did! I absolutely without any doubt highly recommend The “Alignment Factor” to anyone and everyone who is ready to change their life!”

Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!

John Mosher

“Hey Harrison,
Sincere thanks and gratitude for such a great course.!!!!!, I learned a lot of new information and more importantly, I am in the consistent process of integrating it and applying it. You are indeed a masterful teacher!!!!!! Many many thanks Harrison”

Dian O

“Thank You For Transforming My Life!”

Dear Harrison,

I have just practiced your kind and loving Heart’s desire meditation visualization.
The way you gave the information was so thoughtful, so clear, so heartfelt.  It made all the difference.   I feel calm, and safe in life to create, to receive.

Your process is unique, different.   There feels to be the aspect of self forgiveness, a gentleness to understand the fears, a love for my heart, and its desires. And the intention to give these desires a life, to honor them, to listen with commitment and respect will give power to release the fears. And the ability to trust that I can in fact release the fears and disappointments of the past.

It is safe now to ask for what I need and to receive it.  The process of creation is a loving and joyous one…. the way you have explained it is wonderful.

Thank you for opening my heart.
Blessings to your kind heart,

Bianca Zoie

“I am a retired geologist.  In the seventh week of my course with Harrison out of nowhere I manifested a $36.000 check.  I am forever grateful. You have changed my life irreversibly.  At this point I have new opportunities and a new life.  Thank you forever.”

Mari C

“Thank You Immensely Dearest Harrison, You Are Indeed Amazing!”

You are ONE OF A KIND, and I am So blessed to know you and about you. You share your knowledge So Generously. I felt immediately how you did not/do not hold back any useful information, and you are So Great at explaining difficult subjects in a down to earth manner. I like to do that too when I explain.

Half way through one of your interviews (50 min. into it), I had to leave the computer and get outside, because You had litterally FILLED ME UP WITH LIGHT AND INNER JOY, that I could Not have sat still, even if someone had tied me to the chair…

There was this feeling of a big bright LOVING Strong beam of light penetrating my whole chest and heart area. I have NEVER felt this way before. AMAZING is all I can say. Thank YOU with all my heart. I send that Beautiful feeling right back at you dear friend.

By the way I was also really touched when you said on a teleconference call that all those people who were on the call were already your friends and that we already know each other from previous lives. I believe that too, nothing happens by coincidence.

I REALLY like how you keep everything SIMPLE. There are SO MANY out there who wants to give their VERY complicated, MULTI STEP to put it nicely, and make money on you. They drive me a bit crazy, ’cause I get so many of them daily. You are nothing like them, you get RIGHT TO THE CORE, and I Love that about you and your communication.

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH Harrison, I Truly appreciate this.


“In my second course with Harrison, after having spent 14 weeks with him, I manifested a $251,000 check plus a free gallery in downtown New York City to display my work.  I can’t even begin to tell you what this has meant to me.  My daughter and wife are ecstatic.  My world is forever renewed.  You are a super master, Harrison.  Thank you.”

Sabin H.

“I wanted to let everybody know how much I enjoyed the whole experience of sharing all our loving stories and joy that is being spread around. All of us have expanded immensely during the class,thanks to Harrison’s kind and caring coaching.”

Ron C

“Took our company from $243,000 to 3.5 million”

Harrison Klein’s wisdom and business savvy took our company from $243,000 per year to 3.5 million in one year.

Thank You Harrison Klein for revitalizing reengineering and reenergizing my company.

Richard Scott

Richard Scott Company

“We landed a $3.7 million windfall”
Working with Harrison Klein helped me push through an unsuccessful deal I’d been working on for over 3 years and in 6 weeks we landed a $3.7 million windfall. Wow I’m so grateful.

Pam Hunter