Rockstar Your Life

Rockstar Your Life


(Less than the price of 1 latte a day!)

Did you know you can accelerate self realization (actualization) by simply changing your self image?

Did you know you can accelerate your Character Development, Wealth, Reputation, Financial Rewards, Assets, and Attractiveness simply by changing a belief or two?

Let me explain

There are only 3 ways to achieve permanent change if you want

1. We change by revising a bigger or better self image

2. We change with newer better beliefs

3. We change through experiencing a Big Shock!

YES, I Want More Love, Wealth and Money NOW!


For Less Than $84 a Month You Get

A Full Assessment Analysis

We’ll find out your goals, ideas and plans plus how you’re doing in all 7 areas of your life – mental, physical, spiritual, financial, career, social relationships and family. 

Video Coaching

Most of our coaching will be done on zoom so we can see each other And we’ll easily make useable videos for multiple purposes. 

Anytime Meeting Scheduling

As long as I have room on my calendar u can choose any time that’s reasonable for you to schedule your meetings.

A Customized Plan

Together we’ll develop a special replicable system just for you to follow to reach and exceed your desires.

Relevant Information and Experiences

I’m most interested in your transformation in two ways – 1). so you know and can exactly articulate the processes we’ll share and 2). take you through the feelings and integration of what you’ll learn.

Additional Tips & Tricks

There are lots of (little known and secret) ways to shortcut and accelerate certain processes and we’ll focus on the quickest path to your achievement.

New & Upgraded Skills

To advance we’ve got to learn and integrate additional competency and capabilities quickly.


Homework is where I’ll guide you and you’ll achieve your advancement in every session we do.


Every session will be fully recorded and you can have these as a guide and manual to document your progress.

Unlimited Email Access

I’m available for unlimited questions and access through email too – that gives you a double whammy!

Session Notes & Accountability to Make Sure You Grow & Shine

This is where you can refer to everything you’ve learned accomplished and yours and mine evaluation of each session to session.



John DeMartini of “The Secret” Endorses Harrison

“If you want an inspired life and be an entrepreneur making the money that you want … check in with Harrison Klein!”

– Dr. Joe DeMartini

Here’s What OTHER’S SAY

“Once Harrison’s clients understand, internalize and incorporate his teachings into even small nuances of their life… effortless abundance becomes the norm rather than the exception, and their ability to create goodness and results becomes supercharged unlike anything else they have ever tried before.”

Darius M. Barazandeh
Your Wealth Revolution
“… Manifesting Miracles and Understanding
Your Own Spiritual Power…”
Harrison Klein will enlighten you on what really works in manifesting miracles and understanding your own spiritual power… and it’s not what you may have been told in the past.
Harrison shares his time-tested personal growth tools that work in any country, on any continent, with any type of personal challenge at any time.

Jennifer Hough
The Vital You
“Harrison has a unique gift in finding natural and effortless solutions to help anyone”
If you feel lost or confused, or are just looking for someone who understands the personal or spiritual challenges you are going through, contact Harrison and judge for yourself if this is all accurate.
From ending stress, to increasing awareness and making manifestation and life easy, Harrison has a unique gift in finding natural and effortless solutions to help anyone, in any situation.:”

Lance Hood
Heartland Success
“… How To Use Unconditional Love To
Elevate and Understand Your Consciousness”
A true friend, and spiritual mentor, Harrison Klein will show you exactly how to use unconditional love to elevate and understand your consciousness.
“Having a mentor at your side like Harrison should be mandatory for everyone who feels lost in life, stuck or stale in their job or relationships. You can be one of the wise seekers of life who works with a master and learns with the best (and we’ll keep it your secret on how you found Harrison, or what he did to help you).”

Jeneth Blackert
The New Wealth Experience

Carrie Copenhaver Endorses Harrison

“I hope that you’ll take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to you, push your boundaries, expand your consciousness and figure out how amazing this life can be. “

– Carrie Copenhaver


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(less than the price of 1 latte a day)