We’ve covered so much in this series on meditation and spirituality. Let’s take a moment to put all the pieces together and examine the ways in which praying and meditating can help you. These two things, though different in action, are quite similar. They are both intentional efforts to take quiet time to focus one’s thoughts, and they offer some powerful benefits. Spiritual meditation and prayer can both help you in everyday life. I’d like to move toward closing out our challenge by examining the concept more closely.

Better Health

As we’ve mentioned, meditation and prayer can have great health benefits. Lowered blood pressure, reduced susceptibility to heart disease and decreased stress are all results of being mindful in your intent each day.

Thought Control

Rather than letting your mind run wild with regard to all the difficulties, worries and potential problems you might have, focusing your thoughts through prayer or meditation teaches your brain to focus only on the present. You can actually change the neural pathways in your brain through these types of regular practices. Thus, you won’t be as affected by outside circumstances as you once were.

Improved Concentration

Lessening your stressors and your emotional response to them will allow you to concentrate on what’s important at the moment. Again, these actions lead to a real change in the ways your brain operates. You’ll notice, after engaging in a regular habit of mindful thought that your mind no longer wanders as freely. You’ll be in control of your thoughts.

Less Pain

Intentional thought also gives you the ability to manage your physical pain. There are studies to corroborate that this is true. Intensity of pain is actually reduced through meditation due to the ways in which your brain is changed.

Lowered Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that are incredibly prevalent in our society. If these are something that affects your state of mind, engaging in a practice of prayer or meditation can help. Again, it works because of the ways in which your mind is able to focus and the fundamental changes that occur in your brain.

More Happiness

Due to the cumulative benefits of both prayer and meditation, you’ll simply lead a happier life when you adopt these practices. Better peace of mind can provide benefits that seep through to every aspect of your life. You’ll find your relationships are closer, you’re better able to pursue your life’s purpose and that you’ll feel more secure with your place in the world.

All of these things are wonderful on their own. Together, they can have a tremendous effect on your world for the better. Your everyday life will be happier, less stressful and filled with purpose.