Loving ourselves can be one of the most difficult tasks we face on the road to becoming our highest selves. It’s so much easier to accept our flaws than it is to recognize our strengths. Spirituality involves working toward obtaining the life you desire and living by your own inner-compass. If you don’t feel good about yourself or haven’t accepted yourself for all that you are, it will be impossible to reach a place of spiritual fulfillment. After all, how can you feel at peace with your place in the world when you’re coping with such inner turmoil regarding your very foundation? Meditation, one of the fundamental activities of divine growth, can actually benefit you with this regard. Read on if you’d like to learn more about growing self-acceptance through meditation, why it works and how to accomplish it.

What Happens During Meditation

Meditation allows a deep self-reflection. It provides us with self-awareness that is pure and true, rather than influenced by outside influences and internal strife. When meditating, you begin to feel connection to a greater presence. Your own flaws and issues are put into perspective with regard to the bigger picture. You start to see that you are a part of a vast universe and that these perceived flaws really don’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Coming to this realization is quite freeing, allowing you to pursue your greater goals as you find your place in the world.

What Is Gained

It may sound counterintuitive, but removing your focus from yourself will bring your greater self-acceptance. While meditating, you are present with yourself only. Therefore, you’re better able to see yourself as the complete being you truly are, flaws and all. You’ll see that the problems you once perceived in yourself aren’t truly that awful. Thus, you’ll gain a more realistic perspective, which can lead to increase self-confidence in the way you walk through the world. You’ll be less prone to provocation, either from others or from your own inner critic. You’ll also be less shakable and find yourself maintaining calmness in situations that once would have been upsetting.

How to Meditate for Self-Acceptance

Meditation gives tremendous insight into yourself. There’s no one correct way to meditate in order to gain this inner-knowledge. You can use various forms of focused exercise to contemplate your character and who you are as a person. Affirmations are often useful in this endeavor. Simply repeating a simple mantra relaying positive messages to yourself can be quite transformative. Make your statements simple, short and personal to you. Then sit quietly and repeat this message several times. After repetitive practice, you’ll soon notice that you’ve begun to internalize your loving message. A quick Google search can help you to locate guided meditations that are centered on the topic of self-acceptance. Explore them and find a few that resonate with you. Reach for them when you’re feeling less than confident in yourself.

You may be surprised at just how effective these practices can be on your mindset. With focus on accepting all of you, weakness and strengths, your meditative practice can soar to new heights.