As you begin branching out in your spirituality, you may find that yourself lacking friends and associates with whom to share your newfound knowledge. Some people are simply resistant to anything that goes past the physical or beyond their own ego. That’s okay. They’re still your friends. However, it can be difficult to relate to them with regard to your new passion. Finding a group of like-minded spiritual people is a worthwhile endeavor. Such a tribe can nourish your soul and help you to move to higher levels in your quest for enlightenment. Read on for suggestions on how to meet these soul friends.

Consider Hiring a Spiritual Coach

A spiritual coach can serve a great many purposes. She can provide you with educational resources to help you along your path, and she can keep you on track with regard to your goals. Even a general life coach may be someone who might meet these needs. Another benefit of becoming involved with a coach is gaining access to their large local network of other professionals and spirit-minded folks. Ask for introductions or referrals to events to get you started on finding your tribe.

Go Online

Head to your favorite search engine to look for devotional groups of individuals who are following a path similar to yours. You’ll likely find some matches on sites like, which hosts a wide variety of groups for people around the world to find others who share their interests. You may also come across fellowship circles, covens, churches or synagogues that call to you. Get out to meetings to see which ones resonate with your soul.

Look for Retreats or Book Signings

Keep an eye out in local Facebook groups or listen to the advertisements on your hometown radio station for meetings or events that may interest you. You’re sure to find your people at a book signing by a spiritual author or at a women’s retreat. Putting yourself out there in new and unfamiliar settings is worth the risk with regard to the reward doing so may bring.

Sign Up for a Class or Workshop

Classes or workshops on spiritual topics are a great place to find people of similar philosophies to yours. Take a regular weekly yoga or meditation class. Courses on metaphysical topics like tarot, crystals or herbalism may be available through a local college, university or community center. You’ll be enhancing your spiritual practice by learning something new, as well as surrounding yourself with folks who might just become your new best friends.

While virtual groups are beneficial for learning purposes and connecting with others, there’s no substitute for getting out there in real life to find your spiritual tribe. Enjoy the process.