Begin Your Journey to Higher Consciousness

Hi I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Harrison Klein, an award winning personal growth transformationalist, wealth and business growth consultant whose mission is to personally change 1,000,000 lives across the globe and help entrepreneurs, sales people, executives, coaches, marketers and healers build multi-million dollar companies, and achieve the very best versions of themselves and reach personal and/or business fulfillment.

I do this through a combination of implementing…

1) Metaphysical laws
2) Advanced psychological genius blueprinting
3) Applied best practices
4) Leadership skills and abilities
5) Practical business leverage and
6) Marketing skills, both online internet and brick and mortar ​

​I also teach classes, do workshops, train leaders, healers, creatives and coaches.

I design dynamic information products, write articles and books, publicly speak, produce events and travel the world!

I sit on the board of several multi-million dollar organizations including the Evolutionary Business Council, The 1st World Spiritual Parliament, The New York Association for Research and Enlightenment – (which are subscriber and speaking based organizations with a reach in excess of 2 Billion people) and am the American delegate to India for World United Speakers.

(This part of me may be a little too schmaltzy but): I do it for the same reason Edison created the light bulb and Oppenheimer harnessed nuclear fission and Steve Jobs created Apple.

I do it to move humanity at great velocity toward a better amazing future.

Like all geniuses, I try to think and work 2 generations beyond current man but I help change people’s hearts and minds TODAY.

I also love the power of instant and sustainable enlightenments and elevation – that’s what excites me!

Again I like to think between 2 years and 2 generations into the future – the big picture always brings clarity beauty and financial rewards.

I like to work with people to create conscious elevation thru unique successful companies, products and create legacies that are living organisms that will last long after the CEO departs.

My most recent mastermind asked me to introduce myself formally – here’s what I said:

“I am a cosmic traveler on a mission to change/elevate 1,000,000 lives into Source consciousness, wealth, love, wisdom, transcendence and happiness in every way I can, and with all my heart!” … I love.

Who is Harrison Klein?

To leaders he is a time expander, showing them how to recover days and weeks for fulfilling and transformational adventures.

To heart based entrepreneurs he is a multiplier, increasing business effectiveness exponentially in a way that rings true to their soul’s greater purpose.

To the rest of the world he’s a thunderclap of power, an innovative game changer with a massive 360 degree vision, providing his global audience with the kind of high energy, high purpose, high impact results they’ve been seeking.

Known as the Leading Transformational Luminary, Harrison nimbly guides, mentors and instructs thousands of people from every corner of the world how to play a bigger game in their lives on a daily basis, as they wrap their arms around a fresh new understanding of their spiritual potential.  

Harrison Klein comes from traditional roots, teaching at the local university and helping others in their business and personal motivations.  

His own distant past of pain, depression, spiritual confusion and mental illness long ago have brought him to where he is today: a lightning-in-a-bottle, futuristic wealth magician with the rare, unique ability to LISTEN and EMPATHIZE with those who seek his unique and exceptionally powerful brand of individual and corporate guidance.