One of the most common objections to meditating is the time involved. People often think they don’t have the time it takes to dedicate to a meditation practice each day. While it’s true that the most gains come from regular sessions, these don’t have to take much time out of your day. In fact, as little as 30 seconds can be enough to provide you with some of the benefits meditating can offer. These sessions are often called “micro-meditation.” They’re easy to fit into your day, can be used whenever you need them and are simple to learn. Let’s take a look at the ways in which a short meditation will boost your focus, along with the other types of gains you can get from this habit.

About Micro-Meditation

A micro-meditation can be any mindfulness exercise in which you purposefully shift your attention away from the outside world. They can be performed in as few as 30 seconds. Therefore, it’s possible to set aside time for this intentional activity almost anywhere and at any time during your day. Micro-meditations are usually purpose-driven. This means you can tailor them to meet a particular need or circumstance. As you can see, this tool is quite versatile and carries quite a lot of potential.

Ways to Perform Micro-Meditations

If you’re feeling distracted or scattered, a short session in which you focus on taking a series of deep, cleansing breaths can help you to feel calmer. For times when you’re overwhelmed by racing thoughts or troublesome worries, you can create visualization in your mind of a peaceful place or silently repeat a calming mantra.

Benefits of Micro-Meditation

Sometimes, it really might difficult to fit a full-length meditation session into your day. In addition, it can be particularly difficult for newbies to maintain a regular commitment of completing longer sessions. In order to gain the full rewards of meditation, it should be done as a practice. Engaging in some form of intentional mindfulness routine is far easier when it can be done in less than a minute or so at a time. The benefits of these mini sessions are cumulative. They will eventually build upon themselves, bringing you to a place in which you feel more focused, calm and aware on a regular basis. Also, meditating becomes a habit when it’s practiced daily, no matter how few minutes are spent. Finally, micro-meditations are customizable and can be performed nearly anywhere.

As you can see, short meditation sessions are an accessible way for anyone to begin a regular practice of meditating and to reap the rewards. These micro sessions can be built upon to grow a more robust meditation practice in time.