Begin Your Journey to Higher Consciousness

Everything from money to joy, from relationships to core human
values. It is my fervent prayer that these messages stimulate new
ideas, help you discover new meaning and transform your life.

“Happiness is the absence of resistance to circumstance and the
attitude that all is unthreateningly well and good.”

~Harrison Klein


“I believe in the light of human consciousness. I believe that we can end suffering in our lifetime, all suffering, with a single thought. I believe that well being is our natural state of life and that I believe in the mystical and metaphysical union with spirit or with source, and I believe in the IM effect, which is what I’m teaching in this series here, and I believe that what I’m teaching in this series will be standard knowledge in 3,200 years from now for everybody, but we’re teaching it now. “

~Harrison Klein

My name is Harrison Klein, and I’m into the evolutionary structure of unconditional love and money and health and joy and the IM effect. I believe it has a few major secrets that we’re going to focus on during this particular series, and I believe meditation and focus on concentration and tuning ourselves to the moment of enlightenment are the major things that are not a method, but an energy that allows us to come into the presence of our most important power. . “